We are sad to announce Bear Creek Raceway will not be open for the 2016 Racing Season.

Due to ongoing health issues Jack has had, most recently an abdominal bleed that required multiple blood transfusions and surgery that almost took his life. Had God not interceded, he would not be with us now.

Though we have been considering several options, because Jack’s recovery is going to take some time, they simply are not possible.

There comes a time in all our lives when we must “turn the page” and accept the fact that there are changes we must make that we truly do not want to make.

We thank all our drivers, spectators and racing families for their support for almost 20 years. Our family has been truly blessed to enjoy years of exciting racing, meeting many wonderful people and just having fun as we all worked together operating Bear Creek Raceway.

We are proud to say that we dedicated ourselves to providing a track where drivers knew they would be racing on a level playing field with no track favorites or intentional rough driving and also that we provided a family friendly environment where they could bring their families and enjoy good, clean, exciting racing.

We will certainly miss The Bear; there has been a huge investment, of ourselves, money, time and hard work by all our family members. Our grandchildren grew up here!

Bear Creek Raceway will be up for sale, as soon as we are able to inventory everything and get some help with deciding on a price. I’m certain it will be a few weeks before we are able to explore our options, right now our priority is Jack’s recovery.

Please do not call regarding the sale of the track for a few weeks
to give us the time necessary to gather all the information needed to make decisions and set a price.

We would appreciate your prayers for our family. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, you will be greatly missed. We love you…be blessed, be a blessing, Jack, Rene and all our family.